Details of GSCTK006

The result of 35 years of evolution, Carbo Track combines excellent fit and riding sensitivity with the highest levels of protection.

  • Full-grain leather, thickness 0.8 mm

  • Areas in perforated leather

  • Cowhide palm with ClarinoA® reinforcements

  • Keramide lining for maximum abrasion and heat resistance

  • Keramide stitchings

  • Double stitchings on dangerous areas

  • Reinforcements with Warrior technology applied on the entire side and over pinkie finger

  • Carbon fiber shields on the knuckles, phalanges and metacarpus

  • Special construction on the shield area for a better fitting and higher protection

  • Knuckle protector with Dumper siliconic shock absorber insert

  • Shock-absorbing padding

  • Velcro strap for closure on the wrist

  • Double Velcro closure on the forearm

Sizes: M-3XL

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