SpidiARMOR SPIDI WARR Chest Protec Z138K (Z138K-000)

Details of CSARM010

Spidias effort in the safety field brought the company to certify a chest protector, in fact SPIDIas Warrior Chest is regulated as level 1 prEn 1621-3 (provisional norm for Chest protector for motorbike usage).
The Warrior technology is composed by 3 layers shaped as a square blocks structure designed to spread out the shockwave.

  • 21,8 Kn shock absorbing value (clears prEn 1621-3 test),

  • 644 sq/cm area covered by the protector

  • Biomechanic junctions are able to adapt to the chestas morphology. This also enables easy folding for storage of protector

  • Max thickness is 15mm (guarantees aerodynamics and comfort)

  • Great air circulation thanks to wide air vents

  • Warrior chest comes built in or optional on most SPIDI jackets and top range leather suits.


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