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High Visibility


About 75% of motorbike accidents involving more than one vehicle are caused by the lack of the biker perception by other drivers. It can be said that, in general, the biker is NOT VERY VISIBLE. Reflective ‘Reflex’ areas contribute in a considerable way to the visibility and perception of the biker.

Retro reflective fabrics are generally composed by glass microspheres with high optical characteristics, half incorporated in a longlasting resin spread over a fabric that, in better tapes, is a mix of polyester and cotton.

Maintenance and washing: Retro reflective fabrics suffer from natural wearing out. This process depends from the material itself, conditions of use, environment and cleaning procedures. Ideal maintenance procedures:

  • Washing: washing machine, 60C
  • Bleaching: not allowed even at low concentrations.
  • Drying: the article must not be exposed to 90C or more.
  • Ironing: do not steam iron, do not exceed a 150C setting.

SPIDI is also working along with world leader 3M Industries to perfect the performance of reflective bike equipment.

3Ms 360 degrees certification guaruntee all around reflective power and represents excellence in the field of hi visibility.