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Leather  Elasticised Leather - This type of 'flex' areas are placed where the risk of severe abrasion is higher (lower back, shoulder blades, upper knees). They are made by coupling leather to a stretched Lycra sheet by a series of longitudinal stitching. Every inch of this 'flex' surface can double its length if stretched enough.

Elastic Fabrics  Keprotech or other  These fabrics are placed in areas with lower risk of abrasion, such as armpits, inner arm, rear calf and are made by coupling high resistance yarns with highly flexible type of yarns. This combination guarantees high safety standards, transpiration and a very high level of flexibility.

EST (Ergonomic Safety Tuning)  An adjustment system designed to eliminate frictions and annoyance coming from neck and cuffs areas. Aptly placed Velcro strips and clips button cursor work together for a comfortable, quick and easy to use regulation.

Ergofit System  Ergonomy is one of the keys of performance, and Ergofit system allows a dynamic adjustment according to riders' structure and riding style.